limited remapping troubles - Martyr


Since the days of Wolfenstein I've always played with EDSF for movement. 

A friend talked me into joining this alpha because of my love for the diablo franchise and I happily enlisted into the founder program. I was fairly disappointed to learn I can't remap my 'F' key. 

Is there any plans to allow that any time soon? I would love to contribute, or at the least, experience this alpha process, but for now  I remain benched. Unlearning 20+ years of gaming isn't an option :D

Thanks for listening and any feedback.


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limited remapping troubles - Martyr
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7 years 68 days ago

I would add the option to have multiple keys for each action.

7 years 69 days ago

I've got a problem about remapping the Keys too. Since the imlementation of the Assassin there are additional keybindings for dodging. Well while using WASD for moving I mapped SHIFT + WASD for dodging. Seemed more logical for me than the standart QWSE? for dodging. The downside was, my assassin was permanantly dodging while moving. Well at least when there was enough energy for dodging.

And a small request. If a patch overwrites the customized keybindings a message box after starting the game would be nice.  My crusader nearly had an appointment with the emperor because I couldn't activate the inoculator :-)