Lighting issues


Sadly this occurred yestraday so now I forgat the map I was playing ...

As the title sais in a mission that you have to destroy warp gates (indoors mission) in the room that the warp gate was the enemies were so bright like u had a 100000 candles flash light  pointed at them and they were wearing a white t Shirt .

In all other rooms the lighting was normal . No I did not experience a drop in fps in case you ask .

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Lighting issues
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7 years 122 days ago
done make sure ppl that need to see it see it mate !
7 years 122 days ago
dimitris k
and it is in Dagnor system . I had the same again
7 years 122 days ago

7 years 122 days ago

Next time this happens post a video or screenshot and on what planet system.  It will help narrow down if it is a certain tileset or all of them intermittently.

7 years 123 days ago
I've had the same experiences with some of the maps, but when i did the mission again, the lighting was normal (and not overly bright). Strange.