Leveling tips! (vid)


Alrighty guys - just some generic advice for those wanting to get through the game. Most could be classified as common sense but some of it might save you a little time. Enjoy and make sure to let me know what else I can do to help :) - Throw in your own tips too please!

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Leveling tips! (vid)
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6 years 169 days ago

there is definitely wrong balance, between 2 and 3 chapter too much difference for power requirement 250\550 what can't be easily power up. Rank can be up only in tarot mission and company mission what not available because of that power difference and for tarot not enough fate point, no body in online so it so boring to do single mission for 20 fate point so 5 mission for only 1 tarot mission what needed minimum 5 or more, this is so stupid

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6 years 175 days ago
"priority missions which are the place-holder story missions"

"do an investigation in hopes it will spawn some purple missions"

Please clarify. Priority missions right now are found at the ship's unmarked console left of the starmap, they do not net rank XP to my knowledge.

Investigations are limited to the campaign and placeholder "campaign" missions in the journal tab, if done or too hard, there are no more of them available.

"Special" missions pop up from time to time, but while netting higher rewards on average (at higher difficulty), I did not notice them netting rank XP.

Pointing out that there may be a way to increase rank apart from the tiresome save-up fate, then do tarot missions grind is quite valuable, but in my understanding (declared above) there is none. Would You care to elaborate what is what and where to find it? I would really appreciate that, and I am almost certain I am not the only one.

Also, thanks for the vid!

6 years 175 days ago
I can only say that i can only do Prio missions there dont give Rank XP. never seen an investergation since the psyker has come to the game... so yea i cant see how you get that much Fate for you to spam run Tarots to gain RANK XP... if there are please explain it more clearly and show us..