Leaderboards: Maelstrom of Carnage and Unholoy Catheadral (on PS4)



For Maelstrom of Carnage I boosted my score and ended up rank 3 on PS4 leaderboard with a 57xx score. Now I watched some youtube videos and noted that on PC much higher scores are obtained in the 10k and from watching videos the mob density seems much higher on PC right from the start. Can you clarify that possibly for performance reasons the number of mobs is lower on consoles so its never possible to reach such highscores?

For unholy cathedral I get close to wave level 120 (with a level 100 toon) with by best attempt, while still the score is just somewhat above 1000. A lot of scores in the leaderboard are 40-50k+!! which was as I learned due to a bug/glitch where people did just hide inside a wall and could not get hit, since it was time based. Now you actually need to kill the waves. Since this revamp and the previous exploit fixed shouldn't you reset the leaderboard or make the old one a legacy and start a new one?

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Leaderboards: Maelstrom of Carnage and Unholoy Catheadral (on PS4)
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3 years 38 days ago
Hi @BYCROM‍ ‍,

yes, I can confirm your assumption, the number of enemies got intentionally decreased so there won't be crashes in Maelstrom. Since there is no cross-platform, the difference do not matter that much. I believe the experience in Maelstrom is still the same despite the lower number of enemies.
On the other hand the 2nd issue will get checked. We will run tests in Unholy Cathedral and will see how long a maxed out character can survive. We will compare the stats and will consider the reset of the leaderboard.