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Ok in the most recent build as of this  posting i see  a few things that  stand out  right when starting.   These  are  not in order of priority.

1) Playing the  assassin is fun but the Sniper Rifle is no good the  way it is.  At least with the #1  ability it should be able  to snipe  but the range on it is  way to short.  Whole point of  being a sniper is you can shoot from a extreme range and don't get seen. Or  don't take any return fire.   Right now it's range is not much more than  a regular rifle.   Shooting at things i can see clear as day i should be able to hit with it.  Not wait for it to get in its own firing range so you can hit it.

2) When you get locked in rooms  and gassed  or other.  The  shut doors often  close on you  making it so when you  shoot the  bullets go on the other side of the door and does not hit it.  

3)  Summoned  creatures:  like those that come from portals  and  flag bearers   should not roam to far  away from their masters.  1 or  2  rooms but not the whole map.

4)Optimization   is not quite there  yet  all be it  still alpha.   But my  GTX970  runs full bore when i am on the command bridge of my ship.  and this  is even more than when i am actually playing the  game level.  Hopefully this  will be resolved.  When on ship the usage should be minor compared  to when playing the  actual  game level.

5)    Last but not least for now  is he  color of the  Purple  items  i  do not have the best eyes   and i can barely  see difference between the Master-crafted and the Artifact tier.  Making the background  so it has more pigment in it or even adding a  icon in the  corner to denote this  item is master crafted vs this on is rare and this one is  Artifact  ect.

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Latest alpha feedback
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