Las Gun MK I crafting bug


win  8.1 / Inter i7

Las Gun Mark I should come with set damage bonus to skill and 2 randoms - however after crafting it 3x it always came with only 1 random - basically making it a slightly stronger Blue

Nothing special to reproduce save actually getting the crafted item to get in your inventory

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Las Gun MK I crafting bug
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7 years 118 days ago
Thanks, I have added this to our bug report section.
7 years 121 days ago

This  is  what i don't get  Even if you craft a mark1    or a mark4    you can  end up with the exact same item depending on rolls.  Not  just the  static  bonuses    working in tandem with the gun they are for but the  bonuses  should be higher for a mark3 than a mark1.  For  instance i have a lasgun mark1 and mark2  but   when it comes down to it they  both make  the exact same thing except the higher you go the more bonuses are static and do not change.  So in esence a lasgun mk1 is better than a mk4  since it may get better rolls on the randoms.   This  shoul me tweaked to better  reflect the item BP that  you have acquired and make them  different.

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