lag/freezing during multiplayer on ps4 pro


Bought the game last week on sale and tried multiplayer for the first time on ps4 pro yesterday. The game would literally freeze for a second every min or so. I could hear the sound of the other players shooting during this.

This happened in other matches also. In some matches my character would disappear and i wouldnt be able to move. Only the directional pattern beneath the character remained. I could only rotate the camera and could hear the sfx as normal.

I lowered the graphics  setting from quality to 1080p right away ( which didnt look nice at all..assets had jagged zig zagged edges looked rough/unpolished) but this made no difference at all in performance. Everthing mentioned above was the same.

I have fibre optic broad band internet with over 100mbps so that wasnt the issue.

SInce last week the game crashed twice and iv noticed a few graphical distortions with  pieces of the map like floor tiles morphing...appearing,disappearing and over lapping simultaneously.

when can we expect an update for the ps4/pro version that will fix these issues?

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lag/freezing during multiplayer on ps4 pro
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5 years 137 days ago


I have the same problem as you and we are not alone. For me the game freeze game every 15 seconds. I have a simple ps4.
I hope that it will be settled as soon as possible, it is painful.

5 years 140 days ago
As a suggestion, please turn off any damage and hp bar indicators in the options which may improve the performance a bit.

It is currently one of the priorities of our console team to improve the general performance and considerably increase the FPS but such things require time so it won't be realized in the upcoming weeks - nevertheless we are working on it already!