King Arthur: Knight's Tale

Turn-Based Features


The release of King Arthur: Knight's Tale is on the horizon! We already shared a detailed description of its RPG features and the PVP mode. Today we take a look at the turn-based combat which can be equally tense and deeply rewarding - it all depends on your knowledge and common sense. But don't you worry, we're here to get you started!

Turn-based games go way back in both video games and outside of that: chess and its predecessors were first played nearly a thousand years ago, but video games were quick to add new titles that later became age-old classics to the lineup. The most important thing in all of these games is tactics - how you plan your moves and how you react to the enemy's actions.

Knight's Tale is built on these foundations as well: you control a party of four Heroes, all of them prominent in the Arthurian legend and the myths of Britannia. Our tale begins where others usually end, though: Mordred and King Arthur strike down each other at Camlann, what happens next is a mystery. In the case of Knight's Tale, Arthur lingers between the realms of the dead and the living, and his nightmares twist the lands of Avalon, the mystical island where he was taken by the Lady of the Lake. The Lady, shocked by the corruption, brings back Mordred to once again finish what he once thought done. This is where you, the player come into the picture - your task is to gather your knights and other allies, rebuild Camelot and the famous Round Table, and end Arthur's nightmare once and for all.

Being a ruler of Camelot isn't an easy task, though: you will face deadly battles, tough choices and often times misbehaving knights. It's up to you how you handle these situations, and how you put an end to the Once and Future King's reign. Knight's Tale offers four different difficulty levels so that first-timers and experts can both find challenge and victory during their playthrough. Did we say playthrough? We meant playthroughs, of course, since replaying the story and choosing a different Morality will allow you to unlock new characters, abilities, and alter your gameplay experience in a major way!

In general, though, the gameplay consists of battles where you control a party of your choice, made up of six different classes: some heavy on the damage side, others providing crazy amounts of utility for your team, and a few who are just really good at withstanding all the beatings the enemy may lay on them. Speaking of enemies, Knight's Tale will introduce 7 different enemy factions with over 50 unique units, so you better prepare for a wide variety of challenges ahead! And for those looking to rest between battles, the gates of Camelot are open - albeit rather ruined in the beginning. It's your job to rebuild the magnificent castle, and doing so will unlock new functions and rewards to help you progress through the game.

That's about everything you need to know before your first playthrough - all that's left to do is to press play and save Avalon!

The full version of King Arthur: Knight's Tale will be released on March 29, 2022. An Early Access version featuring the first act is available now on Steam!

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King Arthur: Knight's Tale Turn-Based Features
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