guardian of the lady bug


I think i noticed a bug in the king arthur knight's tale. In the round table screen "Guardian of the Lady" positions' buff is not working on Old Faith Knights. Video is here


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guardian of the lady bug
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11 days ago

Lady Morgana le Fay and Faerie Knight are Old-Faith characters, so if there is a knight in the Guardian of the Lady seat in the round table their loyalty must up by 2.

0:05 - 0:10 -> you can see their initial loyalty values (round table seat is empty) Morgana : 15, Faerie : 9
0:19 -> i put the lady morgana to on the seat so she and Faerie Knight loyalty values must be up but it doesn't.
Values are stays the same.

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11 days ago

I can't see where the error is. Can you be specific at what minute? lolbeans