Killing monsters problem and much more(ps4)


I have a big problem in the coop, 3 times  the monster hangs while playing in the war zone, the monster have 61 life points and can not be killed (perhaps when using the jump skill with two-handed axes and hammers). 

Besides, there is no additive dlc, you can not reach the max level of morality or maybe I do not know about something, I have level 65. 

Game crunches terribly with one player in coop.

There are problems with sound, I do not know if it's twitch tv's fault, when I started using it something started to happen.

 There was also an application error sent to Sony.

Problem with searching for players, sometimes the window does not appear.

The app hangs sometimes.

PSN Devifariaes Frost(Devifariaes)

Regards Rafal

I forgot to say about the initiation (reset and reinstalling the ps4 system), I did it last week, perhaps, before installing Martyl. I am now reinstalling the game because I have system errors.

I do not think you need to do this every 3 weeks ...

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Killing monsters problem and much more(ps4)
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166 days ago
Could you please send an email to [email protected]? We will assist you with the DLC issue! 
167 days ago

I do not know if I understand correctly. The sound "disappears" does not hear anything until the application is restarted (sporadically).

When we go to the war zone, the monster just "hung" while playing with another player, on Sunday it happened 4 times not only in the war zone.You hear only some some 20 people shooting in one moment .

Now I have a problem with the application, before the error that appeared on the screen appeared some kind of triangles and other surreal shapes then the game have long drop in fps (maybe 10 fps / s) and the application error popped up, today there was no system error that could be related to this application error

I have all the dlc I've bought, everything works, I can not buy one (Poisoned Souls)

I just want to help:S

168 days ago

could you please be more detailed on the first Warzone issue?
Do you have any DLCs missing from your account while they should be there?
As for the Morality points, with the upcoming Seasons coming out, players can max it out!
What kind of problem do you have with your sound?