Kastelan robot reserve bug + Necromechanic Raiment



My Tech-Adept has 166 flux, the Kastelan Robots reserve 40% (due to the perk), however when I try to set up 2 Kastelan while using the Necromechanic Raiment (for the heal skill) I immediately get the message "Cannot select: overall reserve can´t exceed 100%". My normal Technomartyr Vestment does not have anything regarding flux cost, bonus etc, but allows 2 Kastelan robots

What am i doing wrong? 40% + 40% should still give me 20% of my flux to play with, or?


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Kastelan robot reserve bug + Necromechanic Raiment
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3 years 54 days ago

As we investigated the calculation slightly indeed differs. We will check the reason behind this.

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3 years 55 days ago

Setup: 3 Kastelan, 28% each (display on the command bridge), Voltagheist (Standard), armor ability

Command bridge character sheet

Flux 227

Flux reserved 84% = 232,68

Flux remaining 16% = 36,32

Mission flux display in the middle of the screen

Flux 227

Flux reserved = 187

Flux remaining = 40

No special modifiers AFAIK, just extreme +3 difficulty for a standard story mission. 

3 years 55 days ago
But the problem is: they are not the same value and cannot be calculated correctly.

- I have 3 Kastelan with 28% reserve each => 84% reserved =16% left

- However the ingame display of flux  reserved /available during a mission is different, by quite a few points (3-5 point diffrence), almost if some skills or items are not used for the reserved calculation. I can give you an exact number example later, if you want.


3 years 55 days ago
Not every stats are displayed in the Character sheet, only the most important ones. The data-flux reserve can be calculated by checking the overall amount and then the cost of the various constructs you bring with yourself into missions. 

Nevertheless I will discuss this with our designers whether the reserve should be displayed in the Character sheet. 

3 years 56 days ago
Thanks, but why is the reserved amount (and the remaining) amount of flux not shown in the character stats. Only the general base stat is visible there. 
3 years 57 days ago


the Necromechanic Raiment as well as the Electroid Shielding armours have their own armour skills while the Technomartyr Vestment does provide an additional slot for another construct. Therefore if you set 2 Kastelan Robots the armours' skills cannot be used in the first place as their data-flux cost is higher than your reserve.
We would recommend a perk 'Archeotech Construsts' as well as the 'Voltaic Communion' passive skill from the Construct Specialization skilltree which reduce the cost of the constructs so you can set both Kastelan Robots while using the desired armour.