Kastelan HP after Patch


After the Patch my Kastelans roughly miss ~5.000 to ~6.000 HP compared to their previous state? Was nerfing the Kastelans even more intended? Weird part is that the Construct UI still displays their old HP values?

So Kastelans with Tank-busting Fists still don't have Armor Pierce AND lost any value as a Tank? Why the nerf?

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Kastelan HP after Patch
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3 years 173 days ago
Update: The Recent Hotfix seems to have fixed this I guess.
3 years 173 days ago

My Kastelans have around 24-25k HP in the Construct Menu, they spawned with that much HP.  

Now they spawn with around 18-19k HP, most likely for that "Fix" of the Reinforced Construct passive skill now reduces their Base HP instead of increased? I don't know.   


Also is it intended that Galvanic Boosters only seems to grant HP based on base HP instead of actual HP?

Further more when I just tried to check my game crashed while using the Construct Menu.

3 years 173 days ago

We will re-check the passive skill!

May I ask which constructs seem to be nerfed for you? We haven't nerfed any of them.

3 years 174 days ago

My theory is that by 

  • Fixed the Reinforced Construct passive skill which did not affect the Kastelan construct

your own coder got confused by what these mechanics and their discription including reserve are supposed to do and now instad of adding HP this thing is removing HP?

And why did Vivisectors, the already only viable pure Minion Build get buffed even more with one of the key mechanics while other Pets got nerfed and lack stuff like armor piercing or causing vulnerabilities?