Item names and menu items not displaying correctly despite several reinstalls


Bought VH:FC during the last Steam sale. Every time I start it, the game plays perfectly well, but all the menu items, from start menu to in-game, as well as all item, character, NPC, and every other tag, show up as their filenames: "Menu.main.charachterclasslevel," "," "menu.main.characterdifficulty," "common.multiplayer," "common.options," etc. I have reinstalled several times, run CCleaner and other utilities to clear all vestiges from my system before reinstalling, and it still happens every time I download the game. No joy on the Steam forums, and no reply from Neocore. Can anybody help?

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6 years 248 days ago

I have the same problem. I try "Verify Integrity of Game Cache"  in steam and not work.
Reinstall the game and nothing. Its impossible play without correct text.
In steam fóruns have another user that same problem.
What the solution?