Item Inspection Skills/Perks


As recently purchasing and playing this game, im a longtime D3/PoE/GrimDawn player and trying not to compare games i really find it a pain (especially as a new/fresh player) that when i get some sort of new item I cannot see what the skills that weapon or armor give without equipping it and reading the skill effects ingame.

Its as bit tedious to not be able to fully inspect a item and what it does without having to start a mission and try it out.

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Item Inspection Skills/Perks
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6 years 56 days ago

This is possible.

While on your ship (not in a mission) press 'I' to open the inventory.

Left click on items either from your inventory or equipped on your character, this will 'stick' the detail panel to the screen.

Hover over the skill blocks in the detail panel to see what they do!

Simply left click on a different item to change the contents of the detail panel.

6 years 56 days ago
Thank you! was a nightmare trying to see what each weapon did i have looted :P
6 years 56 days ago
...except you'll lack some info still, like you'll be shown general cooldown, and if you equip it the value will change according to your cooldown modificators (for example)... And more things are there which can't be seen at all, even with equipped item...