Item enchants list


Wasn't it said that we will also get list of posibble enchants we can reroll on items in modify screen? And does anybody have new relic enchant list?

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Item enchants list
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3 years 149 days ago
Seeing the list of possible enchants that we can reroll into, for every enchant slot, is desperately needed.  

As it is now, rerolling enchants is a costly and mostly fruitless endeavor.  I end up scrapping 2/3 of the items that I have attempted rerolls on.  The issue is when I'm rerolling an enchantment slot trying to get something useful to me and I get nothing but garbage enchants.  Are there no good enchants that can be rolled onto that slot or do the useful enchants just have a low chance of coming up?  

The problem is that I don't know!  I don't know if I'm completely wasting materials because that slot doesn't have a enchant that's useful to me or if I'm spending a huge amount of materials hoping to get that one good enchant eventually.

The result for me?  If a relic doesn't have at least 3 stats that I want on it, it gets salvaged.  There is no rerolling trying to make it into a great item because that's a waste of resources.  So it's back to grinding, hoping for that almost perfect drop.

3 years 152 days ago
Yes, please ! Better today, than tomorrow!
3 years 153 days ago
We already considered this option, it may come in the future.