(XBOX)Item enchantment disappeared and won't come back


Hello, one of my friends just found one of his fancy armors become a "nude armor" with no enchantment.

According to his description, it was a 5-enchantment 5% rosarius field assault armor. 

He spent much sparks to get it into ideal state. Then he started a void crusade to test these improvements in battle....

Only to find himself entering the battlefield with an armor that has no enchantment at all.

He has re-login several times, but those precious enchantments never came back : (

Please look at his account and help him out!

He is a XBOX player. ID: MansonLLID

Image of the broken item:

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(XBOX)Item enchantment disappeared and won't come back
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2 years 71 days ago

Oh, it came back just now.


2 years 71 days ago

Still nothing changed.

Is there a way to restore his item?

ID: MansonLLID,  email : [email protected]