Item bug, Taroth mission bug, Stealthsuit bug


I'd found some bugs here.

1. Stealth from the Assasin's stealthsuit does not brake when the Adrenaline resourse reaches 0. 

2. I've encountered strange bug with taroth mission, where I can't create mission with timer+guarnateed artificer item Minor Arcanes. The game shows error. and I can't generate new Taroth missions until Alt+F4 and game relaunch (screen stucks on the Taroth menu, when I enter it after the bug occured).

3. When I highliht any item to vies it's skills etc, and when I click Esc button after that, the shop/crafting menu are closing, but not the item tooltip which become unclosable and I can't click at anything anymore, just only Alt+F4 and relaunch helps. 

4. There is another Taroth mission bug, When I'm chosing "Rebellionist" Major Arcane, it generates not Rebel, but Plague Marines mission. 

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Item bug, Taroth mission bug, Stealthsuit bug
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6 years 130 days ago
Hi there. The bug with Rebellionist mission type is still present, but only when I choose daemon-spawning Minor Arcana.

6 years 246 days ago
Thanks for the reports, we will get to work.