Item Attributes Compendium?


Tried looking at the Inquisitor wiki but the information is basic, just goes into what weapon types have what abilities. I was hoping to find a list of what attributes a weapon could roll so I can plan builds out more efficiently.

As an example, I'm trying to do a single target dps, DoT, Radical Psyker, but the final DoT perk, Toxin Synergy, would work best with bleed, burn & poison/corrosion all together. I only have access to burn and bleed in my skill load out, and I can't find any Psyker abilities that would inflict poison/corrosion. I was hoping maybe there's a pistol that could inflict poison/corrosion, but I'm not finding any great source of information.

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Item Attributes Compendium?
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269 days ago
Sounds fantastic.
278 days ago
Cerberus Hades
some re-roll are not out yes since there on pc so be careful
278 days ago
We are planning to implement this feature into the game as well. 
279 days ago
That, or thank @BOROGOVE‍ directly for making this and other excellent tools for Martyr :-)
279 days ago
Cerberus Hades
You are a scholar and a saint.

Praise the Omnissiah.

280 days ago