Issues with HP bar on HUD?


Hello everyone

I am new to Inquisitor martyr andI have 2 little questions:

-First one, everytime I play my HP bar is never above the blue line.It is blocked to the blue line (see picture above,internet picture not from my PC). impossible to have a full bar like on the picture below (bug or a reason? )

-Second one, is it normal that my life points is not increasing by leveling up? I am still at the same life points (exemple 5656) even after level up 2 times... The only way is to change stuff to improve HP?

Thanks a lot in advance

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Issues with HP bar on HUD?
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41 days ago
Do you have Shield charge gained on kill modiefier some where in your gear? If your assassin is lvl13 propably effect is so small that every enemy depletes shield in one hit making it look your healt bar is missing part of it.
41 days ago
Picture you posted from your health bar is exatcly how it look when you have energy shield that is empty/depleted (  i have pc/steam version so health bar look different in pc but it have same effect with empty/depleted shield).  

Are you  sure that you dont have in your equipment some stats that give energy shield. (example 10 energy shield per hit or your belt item is void shield).
41 days ago

Thanks a lot for your answer :)

For the second Question OK it's clear to me.

For the first one I don't have any shield I think (sorry in French)



43 days ago
For your firs question about hp bar: you propably have somekind of energy shield (example void shield). Energy shield show in healt bar and more you have it more tiny the health bar gets (dont worry you are in same full health even if energy bar takes half of your health bar). 

Secon question about health increase: one of your 3 stats increase health (not much) another way is to put skill points in health/and suppression skill tree (there are passives that increase health 150 points per skill). In end game your max health is about 4500 - 8000 depending on your gear (level 100)