Issues with controls and interaction.


So I've been playing martyr for a while on both console and pc.

I note that although the controls are simple, they are too simplified.

I've currently got 2 issues.

1. You can't use any of the gun turrets even after you've killed the enemies controlling them. The controls prioritize enemies and key items like grenades and innoculators instead of the enemy or the turret placements.

2. You can't perform executions. The prompt shows up but instead makes you attack instead. 

May want to use the reload button instead.

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Issues with controls and interaction.
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3 years 270 days ago
These problems should be fixed with the next patch as the devs said in other threads about this issue.
3 years 270 days ago
Everything you said plus the Armour ability, had tô change my control settings to advanced to stop using my belt skill