Is the game abandoned?


We got the DLC at the end of last year, and with it came so many bugs. Especially really game breaking bugs that destroy your items and waste your currencies.

It has been months now with several posts and bug reports with clear proof of the problems.

We even had a patch that said it fixed the loss of enchants problem:

"Fixed an issue where the "Reroll all enchantments" feature sometimes removed enchants from items"

in January.

BUT it didnt fix the problem and its still persistent. Not only do you still loose Enchants, but Relic/Archeotech Items drop with 3 Enchants in total. And Items in the Ordos shop are completely broken. Like enhanced Archeotech skills on green items etc.

Those issues have been known for months and after the community just bought the new DLC we get no fixes for those huge problems?

Those arent small bugs like a blurry texture on an armor or something, its literally breaking the main part of the game, which is Item acquisition and Build making.

Whats going on with Neocore?

And im just talking about PC, i heard horrfic problems on consoles for 6+ months..

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Is the game abandoned?
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1 year 78 days ago

The last patch barely fix any issues and add some new ones at least on ps4 ,their track record for fixing problems was never good but now it seem really obvious they give up the idea of having a functional game.

In the end they have lost even peoples like me who was REALLY liking the game but got beyond tired to wait at least 6 months for a very disappointing patch almost every time since the 2.0...

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1 year 86 days ago


Marcopolocs, why have you forsaken us! 

1 year 88 days ago

I also reported  about issue with "Reroll all enchantments" feature for Archeotech/Morality relics but no replay. The reason for that as I found on Steam forum that Marco responsible for communication with gamers left company a month ago and tats why they are not responding. Neocore is small company but they are maintain the game from 2018 still. I was affected with connection issue for 5 month totaly lost Season 5 and eventually they fixed issue. So by now we need to wait and play this outstanding game and send reports weekly.

1 year 96 days ago
they are not responding to my support message, so yeah maybe something is up
1 year 97 days ago
probably by now only one dude is working on the game in their mother's basement.