Investigations feedback and other ideas


Hi, first post here, being a long time pnp roleplayer, 40k and arpg fan, this game hits the right strings with me.

One aspect of the game i really enjoy is the investigations and would love to see them expanded, there are so many ways that could be done.

As it is now choices made during an investigation are automatic positives (don't know how different choices have different impact). It would be nice if there was some some kind of success chances maybe based on  the 3 main attributes,  inciting "aggressive" characters to use aggressive methods with more success, same goes for "resilient" and "mystic" ones.

There could be specific choices only certain classes could do with great success like doing psychic shenanigans with the psyker, assassinations/espionnage with the assassin and religious/zealous actions/ support for the crusader.

One way to counteract the restriction of choices could be expanding on the Inquisitorial retinue by allowing to recruit a limited number of followers who could assist in investigations. Do you want to increase your strengths as a crusader by gaining the service of an arbites or recruit a psyker to help with the unknown? These followers could just be included in the text ui of the investigations, no real need to have them  as 3d models  to clutter the bridge. 

But if 3d models could be a thing for them, i would of course love it if we could have a companion in missions.

There could be mp event investigations where the result of the actions of all inquisitors are summed to see a major threat eliminated.

oh and i'm really frustrated by the limited number of random investigations, i  d really love to be able to do only or at least more  of them when not doing campaign or tarot missions. Maybe there could be ways to obtain additional investigation above the daily limit...

Another aspect is the always online component, i m not really fond of it, and the nature of the game should make offline play available.

but if this aspect as to stay i would really like it to be justified with adequate content. There could be several hubs in the sector for the different factions (adeptus mechanicus, astra militarum, ecclesiarchy,  underworld/smugglers,...) kind of like the AM genetors station but expanded with real 3d environments where you could find specific faction missions, vendors and activities... maybe the main one being the Caligari Conclave where players could meet. I think these hubs could really help with the sense of a persistent world.

Again related to investigations with an online component, it would be awesome if players could create/assign investigations to other players, i m not asking for a complete mission editor but just choosing a type of mission that will be automatically generated and giving it to another (lower rank?) Inquisitor to complete gaining a few fate points in the process.

At last, the 40k setting is really vast and i hope we'll see eldars, necrons and all that it has to offer. And environments, more variety please, that's the only aspect right now that causes me lassitude, it more or less feels like we have only 4 types, interiors, platforms, ice lake and nurgle country. in the campaign there's a bit more variety, could they be used for regular missions too?

All in all, great stuff, love the game and the feel of how much potential it has to grow into a masterpiece with the scope of the 40k setting and the evident love the neocore team has for it.

The Emperor Protects!

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Investigations feedback and other ideas
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