Investigation bugs in new patch


Currently, I'm unable to start an Investigation properly--the mission window closes as per the previous build, but then nothing happens aside from the investigation being removed from the planet until I completely close the game and relaunch.

A part of this is that it ceases to display the character that launched the investigation mission, as if it were deleted. Relaunching places the character back in the roster, but doesn't currently allow continuation of the Investigation. This is problematic, as during the last build those were the only mission types that an ungeared starting character could handle right out of the gates.

I think it's potentially a syncing issue, as the Rogue Trader's shop does not load inventory either.

Related addendum: You guys did a wonderful job retooling early-game. The random one-shots are no longer mercilessly wiping the floor with me, and even the humble shotgun feels... viable.

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Investigation bugs in new patch
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Looks to be a UI issue (also can't edit my previous post with additional information), as when I select any other mission and look at the briefing I can see the UI tab for the Investigation, but where it should be in the Star map and Bridge is a Directive I can't get rid of (or move) that I've had since the main update.

Any way a GM can just remove the current Directives (as I finally closed in one the first the game gave me a second with similarly rare enemies, so I just can't be rid of the bloody tab) I've been given to see if that lets me access the Investigations properly?

Seriously, leveling through anything but investigations is a painful enough slog that I keep having to convince myself to not shelve the game entirely.

6 years 360 days ago

Two hotfixes in now, and it looks like I'm the only player unable to access investigation missions still; in global chat other players have stated they're able to access them as normal.

I select the mission, and regardless of what actions I select (or do not select) it closes the mission panel out and does not continue into the next Investigation screen. At this point I think I've burned about a thousand thrones on actions without being able to start an investigation--and leveling a fresh character in missions with Decimators (plural) is less fun and more an exercise in how hard I want to hit my head against my desk when I fail a mission for the umpteenth time.

I'd rather avoid a fresh install at this point, as it was already a two day slog with the (recently "upgraded") network to begin with.

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6 years 361 days ago
Thanks for the feedback, we'll get to work.