Perks and Abilities Change!


First Love the Game Guys!

Examples: Why did Inverse Warp Attenuation get changed to 10% life drain...  It makes it basically useless now and throws all unhinged state builds out the window. If you use your power in the unhinged state, you just end up killing yourself when engaging bosses in any difficultly above standard... instead of being able to actually engage the enemy properly.. I mean it is called Inverse warp attenuation after all, not warp life drain... and we have to give up 1 out 3 of the most powerful modification slots we have for a character to use it..... Not to mention you have to risk life and limb, just to get ahold of it.   

Example: Also What is up with taking the items gain shield on hit ability away and making it a shield drain... Give the enemies shield.. I don't care, but taking away the ability to gain shields on hit.... I can't even keep my Character in a melee engagement with anything for more than a few hits.. Without getting killed. Yesterday I could engage in melee, Today I am literally just having to run away or die after a hit or 2 for anything above a regular enemy..

I am sure I am not the only one who entire build has been broken and feel epicly weaker. Or the only one with a complaint on some changes, I haven't even seen yet. 

Suggestion from a fellow game developer... When nerfing stuff... Changing the entire reasons for an ability is always a horrible idea..  if you want to nerf it cool and don't make it totally different though. Like Inverse Warp Attenuation, Makes it so you don't get damaged when in unhinged state using powers instead of gaining health.  Turning it into a weak life drain makes the whole perk useless and making such drastic changes to abilities alienates your customer base that has spent great amounts of time building up characters around them. Make minor tweaks sure, Never change the whole reason for a ability and never take abilities just straight out of a game. Add to your list sure, but leave the stuff that was there in.. It never ends well for your relations with your customer base, as you breaks their entire setup they worked so hard for..

 Recent example... Planetside 2 did it and look where they are now.  Instead of being a unique MMO/FPS strategic/tactical warfare with a huge following. The entire old customer base has left and the gameplay turned into a boring COD clone plagued by hackers and people running head long into fire fights in zergs because they took any idea of strategy and tactics out with their changes, because they forced people into standard molds of their idea of combat, instead of giving the player options. You want a rocking game with a huge player base.... Give your players options and don't nerf your abilities unless it is absolutely needed and then nerf as little as possible to bring it into line.  If you can fix it by buffing other things, instead of nerfing, always do that.. As everyone hates nerfing. 

Ask yourself the questions, are you making this game for yourself, or for your players? Is the change going to break peoples builds and force them to redo everything to be effective again? How much work and resources is it going to take for them to do that respec...? It is really doing anything for your long term goals? Does it add to the game or take away? Good rule of thumb...Always try to add and never take away!

Don't be a Diablo Clone... Be the Badassness that is WH40k where powerful warriors take on Gods and have the power to do so. 

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Perks and Abilities Change!
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