Inventory Emptied Upon End of Mission / Ordos Gift/ Bridge Transition


TheScorpionKing, d36williams, and Longnious all experienced this. After completing the Supreme Mission at level 109, and getting lots of wonderful loot, we quit and teleported away. It seemed to hang there and we waited looking at our cherub companions. Finally it cut to the Gifts from the Ordos screen. Finally we went to the bridge. Upon checking our inventory, only the gifts from the ordos were there, and all the loot from the Void Crusade was gone. It was a bummer. 

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40 days ago
All three of you were given some valuable lootboxes as compensations for the losses. Please check on your main characters' inventories.

We are sorry for the unpleasant experience.

40 days ago
The Loot did not return on restart. Incidentally, I did retain the Tarrot Cards I gathered. 
40 days ago
Did you check back on your inventories after a game restart? Did you find the items there?