Inventory at the Sacred Vault HS-1011 is empty


I’m playing on Xbox One.  Gamer Tag: Machine Mnky

The Sacred Vault is empty.  I’ve waited 24 hours for it to refresh and still nothing.  I’ve turned off the game and turned it back on.  I restarted my Xbox.  I’ve unplugged my Xbox   I even loaded up on another xbox with my profile it it still remains empty.

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Inventory at the Sacred Vault HS-1011 is empty
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140 days ago
We will check this out, expect a fix shortly!
141 days ago
This problem is now effecting consoles as well now.
269 days ago
It works now!  Thank you again!  
269 days ago
We handled the case on our backend, please check on it! 
269 days ago
Thank you!  
270 days ago
We will check on this and handle it shortly, thanks for the report!