internet dropped Final Void Crusade Mission after objective but before loot; didn't update Calgari Pilgrimage


Hi guys, I was playing the final void crusade mission on the Ebony void crusade.  I have completed 2 complete void crusade missions before this one, and so I was expecting to complete the Calgari Pilgrimage heroic deed (which requires 3 complete void crusades).

The internet connection dropped on this final void crusade after I completed the mission and while I was picking up the loot boxes for the Ebony chests.

The consequences were that the Ebony void crusade was tagged as completed, I had nothing in my inventory, but the Caligary Pilgrimage heroic deed was still at 2/3.  So it said that the void crusade was complete but the Caligary Pilgrimage heroic deed was not updated.

Not sure if this is actionable but I wanted to report this.

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37 days ago

The Heroic Deed you mentioned should have unlocked indeed but it is unlocked now. Sorry for the caused troubles.

As a side note: could you tell me which Supreme mission was this and if you tried to delete any item from your inventory to make room for the loots from the Void Chests?