Inquistitor martyr trophy bug?


Death Incarnated and Bibliophiliac trophies won't unlock (PS4) . Both trophies I have met requirements for many times over, over 3 different character classes, and both haven't appeared. (SIde missions won't register to unlock Bibliophiliac)

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Inquistitor martyr trophy bug?
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305 days ago
Thanks for the reply, patiently waiting for a patch, game is deadly though , ave imperator!!
305 days ago
Nah dude, I think the problem with Bibliophiliac trophy is that "Stalwart servant" trophy unlocked before I earned it, so now when I do side missions they don't register,...torture!!!, looking forward to a patch finally!!
305 days ago

Please give it some time, especially for the Bibliophiliac trophy. There will be a new patch coming out soon, in case it won't fix the issue please get back to us! 

308 days ago
Hi mate, still not working after the few tips I gave you ?

Well I have platinum, and I obtained those trophies before the Oct 2nd patch, so it might be a consequence of the new patch, like the previous one which didn't allow to revive dead inquisitors in coop/multiplayer missions.