Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v0.7.4 - March 14


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. It is also recommended to delete any launch parameters you previously had (you can re-add them if they help again, but it is safer to assume everything works best without them). Please also note that the backend server might take up to 30 minutes to transfer to the newest update, during which time login will not be possible.

Fixed Bugs

  • New experimental feature: Recruitment. This feature in the Social panel allows the players to recruit people for their parties. Graphics are just placeholders, sub-features may be changed.
  • Assassin dodge to cursor changed a little. Now you are allowed to dodge in every direction, relative to the cursor.
  • There is now a slight chance for the chests on the map to contain better loot. These chests have different graphics.
  • Chests got a new effect to make sure you won't miss them.
  • Incursion mission type reworked. There are 3 beacons for every gate which make the gate tougher. You need to destroy the beacons in order to destroy the gate.
  • Priority Assignment panel reworked.
  • Dead monsters now fade out after a time. The more dead monsters there are, the sooner the old ones fade out. You can change the amount of dead bodies allowed on screen in the options.
  • Fixed a bug where knockback effect randomly rotated the enemy hit
  • Added several new cutscenes in the campaign.
  • Tutorials are not as aggressive as before. There is a new notification system placed below the character icon on the top left corner. You get notifications about tutorials investigation states there.
  • Allied units are now shown on the minimap
  • You can now choose difficulty for Campaign, Tarot and Priority Assignment missions. This option will effectively increase the power rating of the selected mission, thus yielding better loot in the end.
  • Fixed several item-loss cases. Shop should be more reliable, and clicking on items while the storage is not yet loaded should not cause loss of items anymore.
  • Fixed several cases of item price desync in the shop.
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Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v0.7.4 - March 14
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6 years 93 days ago
Thank you guys. We still play the game and still waiting for the release :)
6 years 97 days ago
Hi I only picked up this game last weekend - really enjoying it  - good job!  This game has huge potential and I am looking forward to seeing it progress.

I have only really played Crusader - its a fab class and it will be my main :)

I like the tactical style of gameplay and cover system a lot - makes it more 'real' than most ARPGs and makes it different - well done on this (albeit cover system does need some polish - but you apparently have that in hand)

Couple of small QoL feedback points from my perspective:

1. Camera:

  1a.  Angle:  I would love to be able to lower/raise the angle/height without changing the level of zoom.  e.g.  At the moment it is just a tad too 'top down' limiting forward view too much when at max zoomed out - and specifically is very poor when taking cover at doorways as you cant see anything in the next room.

  1b.  It's too clunky to keep having to continually reset the camera manually.  I would love to have one or both of the following:

    1b1.  A keybind for 'put camera into default position' i.e. above and behind my character on my default zoom / angle.

    1b2.  A 'follow' type camera option in essence like most third person MMO cameras which auto follows me based on my direction - unless i specifically use 'move backwards' when it retains its forward view.

Hopefully this will be something in your updated camera control system mentioned in the last survey result feedback.

2. Control Schema issue (I'm on PC M+K):  Crusader Fire and Retreat Skills - awesome skills love the concept.  

Only thing is I would expect to be able to use the 'strafe' buttons whilst using these skills to adjust the angle of retreat (basically like pressing back and a side strafe key simultaneously).  At the moment you simply go straight backwards in a line drawn from your aim point (usually the enemy you are aiming at) and your character and hence cannot navigate around things like corners and objects which often means you back into into corridor walls/terrain features etc (also when facing charging enemies this combines with the whole manual camera re positioning mentioned in 1b above to make it feel more clunky)

Otherwise like I said this has the potential to be a really awesome game!

Looking forward to release

6 years 100 days ago

Is it intended that you can no longer remove skill points by right klicking? It would be very sad if you take away this way for people to change skills. Since this is a skill system which are only passive things you can get wreck your skills very fast if you do not know what you want or what to choose.

Just logged in clicked on the vendor, game crashed

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6 years 101 days ago
Great job on the patch guys, the map graphics ingame look pretty nice now!! The changes in Uther's Tarot are also pretty good i think, as well as the option to choose a difficulty level on campaign/tarot missions for better loot in the end. The new graphics for mission objectives look nice and are displayed correctly now (tech shrines didn't work properly before), also the new, better chests are a great idea. Also like the new fonts ingame. 

Personally i would change the Supply/Medic chest symbols on the minimap back to the old design, but thats just me and not that relevant.

just a couple of things i noticed yesterday, that didn't work when the patch was applied:

the character model on the main screen doesn't show up

Played two missions which both didn't end correctly. I finished the mission, accepted to leave and then nothing else happened. (Map was displayed on screen, character disappeared, but i still could zoom and rotate) Had to exit the game, restart and had no rewards from the played missions (maybe due to server instability, also had several log in errors).

Trader didn't offer anything in about 2 hours of play, that was weird.

Over all a good patch in my opinion , keep up the good work - really like the game so far, can't wait til official release =)

6 years 102 days ago
Posted by SnakefistIfSo 6 years 102 days ago
Nice! While waiting for update to download, I'd propose a 'golden chest' (known from diablo2) - a chest found randomly and very rarely which can drop any treasure level, from lowest to highest. They were highly sought, because minimal possibility of dropping loot otherwise available from top-tier mobs alone.

I do not see any reasons to be happy - in 2 weeks Q1 ends - and I will not play the full game

6 years 102 days ago
Nice! While waiting for update to download, I'd propose a 'golden chest' (known from diablo2) - a chest found randomly and very rarely which can drop any treasure level, from lowest to highest. They were highly sought, because minimal possibility of dropping loot otherwise available from top-tier mobs alone.