Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v0.7.3 (Feb 16)


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. It is also recommended to delete any launch parameters you previously had (you can re-add them if they help again, but it is safer to assume everything works best without them). Please also note that the backend server might take up to 30 minutes to transfer to the newest update, during which time login will not be possible.

New Feature: Loot System Improvements

As our survey results indicated, players have requested the traditional ARPG loot method as an option, so we made it happen. Loot can now be picked up with the mouse, or you can toggle the Autoloot option in the options menu.

Additionally, there is now a reward effect for freshly picked up loot.

New Feature: Tactical View

Tactical View offers players a new way to display points of interest on the game field. By tapping the Tactical View key (Default: Caps Lock), you can see when your enemies get hit, when you receive damage, and so on. You can also toggle thermal vision, and a more distinct outline for your enemies or for yourself.

With Tactical View, you can also choose from a bunch of stats to display.

Additional New Features

  • Turn to Cursor function can now be disabled
  • One button dodge system for the Assassin is now implemented (Dodge to Cursor)
  • Toggle Cover mode is now available
  • Tactical View options are now available in the options menu
  • Changed the Grenade and Inoculator UI during battle
  • The current map's Power Rating is now displayed above the mission objectives along with the active difficulty modifiers
  • The player's Power rating is now displayed besides the character portrait
  • Refined and improved Psyker animations and spell effects
  • Added Minimap Preview to the mission briefing window
  • The Social panel (friend list, etc.) received numerous improvements


  • Random missions now give Rank Points to players
  • Increased Champion/Commander HP and slightly decreased their damage
  • Increased Elite HP and slightly reduced their damage
  • Sped up melee swing speed significantly
  • Increased melee damage
  • Black Legion enemies now have a shield active
  • Rebalanced every player weapon and armor skill along with cooldowns
  • Rebalanced monster damage and skill cooldowns
  • Rebalanced monster passive skills
  • Increased amount of loot drops
  • Increased movement speed across all classes


  • New window popup animations
  • Added several new sound effects
  • Performance optimization

Fixed bugs

  • Fixed a bug where a cabal creation could lead to black screen
  • Fixed an issue where players saw different Glory reward values than
  • intended
  • Fixed an issue where controller users got stuck on map selection screen
  • The Unburdened Heroic Deed now counts properly
  • Fixed an issue where controller users got stuck and could not move
  • Fixed an issue where during NPC rescue missions, the NPC got stuck
  • Fixed a stuck terminal during an Investigtaion mission
  • Fixed an issue where controller users could not activate the first terminal during the tutorial
  • The 5th skill of a freshly created Psyker is now locked at the beginning as it was intended
  • Assassin now gains adrenaline per kill properly
  • Fixed a game crash occurring on mission start
  • XP gain sound is now disabled after surrendering
  • Fixed a crash during the panic room mission
  • Fixed an issue where cabals did not display online members
  • Fixed an issue where assignments got stuck and crashed
  • The campaign is now solo mode only as it was originally intended
  • Fixed several controller bug in the mission selector POI screen
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Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v0.7.3 (Feb 16)
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6 years 55 days ago
Wwooohhooo thank you i Cant wait to dive into the game a check out the new changes especially the tactic View 
6 years 55 days ago
I found one very annoying bug when you go into Inoculator and change What i want i cant go out of it. Im stück. When i click close The screen just blinks.. i use controller if it works on normal mouse and keyboard.
6 years 55 days ago
If you tap out and in Again you Can exit... but it seems you get also stuck in vendor so i guess its all the Windows you toggle into.
6 years 55 days ago

Sadly the new aiming wheel for the Aimed/Snipershots is horrible and rather unusable, first the targeting spot head, legs, etc keep changing location on the wheel from shot to shot, second I could not reliably select any of the spots to aim for as the selector is constantly rotating from spot to spot.

It's painful enough to use sniper shot and not have the aim wheel popup about 60% of the time, instead the game treats it just like any other single keypress shot.

6 years 54 days ago
Overall some adjustments will be needed to get use to, for example, changing which mouse buttons are assigned to abilities, however, this is a minor inconvenience at worse.  Suppression seems unbalanced now, feels like I get suppressed a lot quicker than previously. 

Major issue I have ran into at this point is associated with selling items, approximately 70% of items I attempt to sell do not give me the listed currency for selling, instead, I have one (1) subtracted from the general currency and am instead forced to salvage the item.  A quick fix for this "sell bug" would be a huge satisfier.

Aiming wheel took some getting use to.  The constant changing of target location on the wheel when sniping is an annoyance, but I found it manageable after I got use to it.  It does seem that it auto fires the snipe shot about half the time, which is also a disastisfier for playing the sniper.

I seem to have less graphics glitches but some optimization is still needed when exiting a mission and loading into the ship, as well as, the transition between sub-sectors/systems.

6 years 53 days ago
Really not a fan of the sniping changes at all. I much preferred being able to snipe, as opposed to oh I guess I'm randomly going to shoot the left arm, right leg whatever the magic wheel decides. 

The new loot system makes it a lot easier to see what I'm picking up which is nice, as are the UI changes making it easier to keep track of charges. The pre mission map overview is also a welcome surprise.

6 years 52 days ago
Game crashes on loading screen every time and I have the latest Nvidia drivers, but I have a temp fix.   Press alt, ctrl, del and choose task manager.  When task manager comes up you will see a little info window saying Tile shader problem, all you do is click the ok button and switch back to Martyr.  Game will then run ok.

This is the first time the game has failed for me, the work around is a bit clunky but it works for me.

I am running Win 10 and have an amd 8 core cpu with Nvidia GTX 780TI.

6 years 52 days ago

- Power rating of a mission displayed yellow on the starmap and yellow in the mission description. When I accepted the mission, the power rating turned red(!) and my difficulties were suddenly higher then displayed on the mission screen.

- Assault jump of my crusader is too short compared to pre-0.7.3-behavior. Now I have to set the cursor behind the target (instead of on the target) to hit it. When I set the cursor on the target, my crusader jumps in front of the target, which is not what I intended to accomplish.

- Assault jump does not work properly when trying to jump over things (cover, tubes, etc.). My crusader jumps to the target spot, then is drawn back to the starting Point and smashes whatever he tried to jump over. Let's say I am running away from a Dreadnought and try to jump over an obstacle. I get to my target Point, then I am magically transported back to the obstacle and smash it instead of just jumping over it.

- My multimelta never overheats now, because heat buildup is very small compared to pre-0.7.3-behavior. While this is nice, it is probably not intended.

- I hate the new target wheel, because I cannot aim properly anymore.

I want 0.7.2 back :-(

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6 years 52 days ago

Game freezes upon start up. Ctrl-alt-delete receive message CS_TiledLightCulling_DEFERRED_BUG and CS_TiledLightCulling_DEFFERED. Cannot post pics to this thread. Pic posted in my thread entitled list of bugs. Feel this may be hardware issue, unsure at this time. Crusader play is very weak. What used to be easy missions are now deadly mission. Assassin play seems easier. Psyker seems a little more difficult. This may be due to weapons damage balancing. Will try different set ups. Loot drop still horrible. More purple and recipes needed. Thank you for not wiping the servers again.

6 years 51 days ago

Érződik az előre lépés a sebesség sokkal jobb lett  a  grafika jobb kevesebb a darabos fal omlás is.
Viszont néha nem nő a felszerelés pontszámom hiába jobb akár 10 ponttal is amit felrakok valamint a missziók se számolják rendesen.  Pl misszió előtt írja hogy 30%-al többet sebzek misszió közben már csak 10% mutat a kijelző.
A balanszon azért van mit csiszolni pl közelharci crusaderrel azonos szintű vagy 20%-al gyengébb ellenfelek esetében 2-3 sörétes ogryn szinte insta kill. Van hogy 4 ogryn van egy kupacban és utána meg se tudok mozdulni mert csak pofozgatnak a sörétessel a suppression kb azonnal 0 és nyomkodom a 4-est hogy jump jeteljek el majd oda vissza rohanással egyesével végezek velük.
Valamint a fegyverek terén kicsit kevés a felhozatal és a Thunder Hammer kicsit erőtlen inkább vissza váltottam Power Axere.
Esetleg stormboltert, terminator armort, powerfistet, lighting clawt  belehetne hozni jó tudom ezek közül van ami inkább marine elit cucc.
Illetve már steamen írták ötletként hogy esetleg xeno fegyvereket is lehetne alkalmazni ugye a dark eldar és chaos főleg istenenként elég pikáns arzenált adhatna...Khorne axe, Theezec Staff, Nurgel lángszóró helyet sav vagy mérges trutyi szóró, Slaanesh sonicus fegyverek. Dark eldarok meg pengék végtelenje, dark matter fegyverek....stb. A páncélokról nem is beszélve no meg a ki egekről Berseker gránát egymásnak esnek az ellenfelek vagy gáz gránt netán slaaneshes gránát melledet harcolnak egy ideig az ellenfelek.
Szóval elégé meg lehetne bővíteni a tárházat és a loreba is illene.

Összességében azért elégé érződik az előre lépés a 7.2.-höz képest!
A magyaros angol helyett a magyart választottam de ahogy nézem honfitársak a communitysek is ezért remélem nem gond. :D

6 years 51 days ago
I'm really liking the new patch.

Love that now I can click to pick up an item so I know that I've got something.

really like the new graphics it seems a lot cleaner and smoother.

Now on to the bad.

What in the emperors name have you done to health regen?

I had a go yesterday and the first mob that I came across absolutely annihilated me.

The Guard commanders seem to be a lot harder and the Ogryns were nigh in-killable.

Their health regen is STUPIDLY HIGH.

I couldn't kill them but they had absolutely no problem wiping the floor with me.

I get that you want to make it more difficult and while I love a challenge this is just daft.

They were regenerating quicker than I could kill them, even while under fire.

This should NEVER be a thing. I cant regen health while I'm getting shot or poked with a shape stick ( unless a  inoculator is used but even then you can only use it once and then there's a cool down) so NOTHING short of plague bearers or some of the their daemon kin should be able to do this.

Its not a new thing by any stretch.

Ogryns, Sentinels, Tanks, Decimators, Dreadnaughts and guard commanders all seem to have stupid health regen. the literal second the disengage from the fight they all seem to regen health at an astonishing rate.

I don't get the logic behind this.

Sure there's perks that can negate this but I shouldn't have to use a skill to negate it.

it should be the same as us, the enemy should be out of combat before it starts regenerating not while in combat or under fire.

The funny thing is that I wasn't doing red missions I was doing a green mission at level 15 and got slapped around like a red headed step child.

Also I think that the regen for enemies shouldn't be that fast either, it needs dialling Right  back or in most cases discarded out right.

I  personally think that regen should be saved for  enemies that make sense.

Plague Marines, Sorcerers, and daemons should be the only things that can regen as that would make more sense otherwise its just obnoxious in the same way that the Binding of Isaac is obnoxious by the game trolling you instead of the game being an actual challenge.

And there's still the problem with getting wasted in the start area and there's literally nothing you can do about it.

Last week I had a brief go and the literal second that I got into the game 20-30 servo drones ( and those missel firing bastards) slaughtered me. there was nowhere I could go and nothing that I could do. I couldn't kite them around and I couldn't take cover.

I got wasted within 30-45 seconds of starting the game.

Oh and there seems to be a semi frequent bug where the map wont load in just a white box. not sure what's going on there but I thought id let you know.

Even with these problems I'm still looking forward to the release.

long as these problems are sorted... 

6 years 49 days ago

What I said earlier seems to extend to all missions: The difficulties in the mission are ALWAYS higher than they were in the mission description.

Example: Mission description says "-9% to your damage  /  +12% to incoming damage", then when you are actually in the mission, the modifiers suddenly are "-12% to your damage  /  +16% to incoming damage".

And again I found ineffective/unusable stationary weapon emplacements, because they overlapped with terrain features.

6 years 48 days ago
100% agree on the health - destroys the 40K vibe, sloppy thinking of you want harder MoBs many better ways to achieve it but this isn't either a good mechanic or even fun...I'm a massive fan of the game but you need to think seriously about unbalancing the game to this extent at this late stage of development. 
6 years 48 days ago
Agreed on the change of sniper - just don't get the rational- as a class the change literally undermines its play ability, sniper was my 2nd fav class for soloing, now it's unfun and feels pointless as  it's major power not just nurfed but cripple. 
6 years 41 days ago
Just got my hands on the latest update and played a few missions and I wanted to provide my own feedback even though some of what I have seen has already been said.

I'm all for make balance changes, but this update just feels like a big step in the wrong direction.  I thought 0.7.x was an attempt to make combat faster and smoother like other ARPG's.  Until 0.7.3 it sure seemed like that was the focus (at least to me) as combat seemed to be a little less "grindy."  Then I fire up 0.7.3 and try running a "green" purge mission.  Prior to 0.7.3 I would've have cleared the mission in about 15 minutes but instead I walk into a room 3 Ogryns carrying shotguns and they just completely trash my rank 32 psyker who previously would've taken care of them without any serious trouble.  I was running around the map kiting the mob behind me burning through innoculator charges and trying to lay down fire.  Except now they not only do more damage to me, but they also seem to have almost miraculous health regeneration.  

I have been focusing on psyker play since the class was introduced, and I get that there needs to be balance to the system, but Firestorm has tripled or maybe quadrupled in it's warpheat generation?  I don't really get it.  Sure, it is a good power but it didn't feel like a game-breaker so why was it so heavily nerfed like it was one?

Also, what's up with the innoculators on the UI now?  I have three dots but underneath it says "0" where it would have said how many charges I have.  So does it max at 3 charges now?  Also I've noticed that when charges drop from medical supply crates it looks like I can't pick them up.  I don't know if that's a genuine bug or just something to do with the change to how the innoculators charges are counted.

Anyway, this latest update has been very frustrating.  I feel like dropping my psyker right now and seeing if the other classes have any better luck fighting the "rebalanced" mobs.