Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v0.6.3


Updates to W40K: Inquisitor - Martyr have been released. The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. It is also recommended to delete any launch parameters you previously had (you can re-add them if they help again, but it is safer to assume everything works best without them). Please also note that the backend server might take up to 30 minutes to transfer to the newest update, during which time login will not be possible.

New Miscellaneous Features

  • Added a bunch of new, shiny textures to the game
  • Numerous optimization-related changes, improved performance
  • Client Side ping is now displayed on the portrait frame
  • Several new map variations are now available
  • The top right conversation frame is now click-through
  • Added rewards for Inquisitor Ranks above 20
  • Premium missions now give Account XP as well
  • New Leaderboard panel for System Influence


  • Fate is now rewarded based on the Power Rating difference. Base reward is 2 Fate and every 50 Power Rating difference gives +1 Fate.
  • Maximized all loot's item level at 40 (as it was originally intended)
  • Reduced the HP bonus of the Assassination mission's buff
  • Merciful Agony is now only avaiable after reaching Inquisitor Rank 5
  • Tarot missions now align to the power level of the Solar System instead of the player's


  • Improved Co-Op stability and fluidity
  • Added a +30% Monster HP modifier per additional party member for Co-op
  • Fixed an issue where players got stuck in turrets
  • Fixed an issue where players could accept rewards several times

Fixed Bugs

  • Player Info now shows "Inquisitor Rank"
  • Fixed missing storage items for several accounts
  • Fixed an issue that made items disappear while a player was rearranging items while the Shop was open
  • Fixed an issue where players did not get the correct amount of Account XP from missions
  • Fixed several heightmap issues with the Floating Platform map setting
  • Fixed an issue where monsters were spawned from turrets on Tarot missions
  • Fixed a missing string for the lower right Battle GUI window
  • Fixed a crash where the Vanquisher of the Void perk caused crashes when a player was destroying covers
  • Fixed a bug where relic items were dropping a lot more often at high levels
  • Fixed a bug where alt characters received high-level drops due to a high-level main character
  • Fixed a typo at the Incursion mission's description
  • Fixed a cashback bug at the Store
  • Fixed an issue where the Pattern set bonus did not appear in the tooltip
  • Fixed an issue where the placeholder story missions could be abused for powerleveling
  • Epic materials are now stacked on the loot screen
  • Fixed an issue with Cabal Extermination missions not spawning enough monsters
  • Fixed an infinite loot-after-death bug with the Unholy Cathedral
  • Fixed a stuck issue with Uther's Tarot
  • Fixed an issue where Spoils got activated when a player was below them
  • Fixed an issue with Two handed Relic items' max power - it was double the intended amount.
  • Fixed an issue where Glory Rewards were missing
  • Fixed a bug where Cabal missions did not complete
  • Fixed a bug where items were destroyed at Fusion
  • Fixed the missing Gravgun Model

More updates will follow - thanks for your support and patience.

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Inquisitor - Martyr: Patch v0.6.3
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6 years 270 days ago

Problem occurs - Check

Rant ensues - Check

Developer replies - Um, and in a timely manner to address said issue - Check

Happy with the transparency thus far - Check

I personally want to thank you guys for replying as much as you do and fixing issues as quickly as you do. Yes we all paid money to be here but a "tiny" bit of patience before going tilt may be warranted ?

*Thumbs up*

6 years 270 days ago

Its an alpha mate. Sometimes this shit happens.

6 years 270 days ago

You paid for an Early Access game. That means the game is still in development and things like this are going to happen. Mistakes like this aren't "unforgivable." The whole point of EA is to make changes in a safe environment where testers are giving you feedback. If you're expecting a fully finished, polished product with 0 bugs or issues, then you should avoid EA titles in the future. 

You just look like an entitled jerk by ranting and cursing at the devs for a product still 3+ months away from launch, especially when it was fixed the very next day.
6 years 270 days ago
Now it's fixed!
6 years 271 days ago

Yes this is a win7 related issue , and it will be fixed today, we are really sorry. It is caused by our backend's update which is a completely separate deal. Earlier iterations of the update started fine on win7, which is why we have overlooked this issue. Thanks for your patience and sorry again.

6 years 271 days ago

Windows 7, by marketshare predictions casted back in the olden days of May 15, 2017, roughly 4 months ago, puts the prevalence of users at 48%.  The nearest userbase is those who use Windows 10, who only hold a 26% marketshare.  Granted, you can assume any number of factors about those numbers based off actual individual users of the OS versus employees who implement the OS.  You can also assume that 26% of the users who are currently running windows 10 are the people who were forced into updating to that OS based off the absolutely misleading malware than Microsoft has pumped into just about every earlier version of Windows demanding that all users update to the latest and greatest.

You folk, releasing a patch that effectively eliminates any windows 7 user from playing the game due to mistakes on your end is some unforgivable shit.  Oh, I'm sure you'll fix it right quick, I have no doubt in that.  I'm sure I'll get off work tomorrow and be able to enjoy the game tomorrow.  But the point is, I should be enjoying the game right now.  But then I wonder, at what point will we be arriving at a time where all of the sudden, in order to play the game at all reliably, will it require me to upgrade to the ransomware that is Windows X?

Fuck off with that shit.  If you can only provide a patch that allows a portion of the population to play due to your own ineptitude, don't release it at all.  We all paid equal amounts of money to play the game, and we should all be given equal opportunities to play the game.  If you can't provide that, then state it upfront, or at the very least, delay patches to clients so that they can continue to play the game uninterrupted.

6 years 271 days ago
akmal bafoev

You are a but a dirty, forgotten Windows 7 user.  Suffer the fate you have brought upon yourself.  (Seriously though fuck them)

6 years 271 days ago

Fuck us for using choosing to use a superior operating system, right?

6 years 271 days ago

A fix is scheduled for tomorrow. Posted on the Steam forums but not here for some reason.

6 years 271 days ago

i hope they fix that and allow it to run in DX 11 as well as DX 12, like most games.

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6 years 271 days ago

also getting the

"The procedure entry Point CreateFile2 could not be located in the dynamic link library KERNEL32.dll" Error.

I did some digging and its related to direct x 12 Features not working in Windows7.

So you guys basically just cut off all Windows 7 Users...

6 years 271 days ago

Fate is nerfed. It should've be done, but His opinion is that this is too much. While it doesn't hurt Snakefist personally because, in His Wisdom, He has over 4k fate stashed, but may affect other players...

Large maps (Cabal Exterminations) are now barely playable, with the many settings reduced. Same didn't happen before the patch and He was typically finishing those around ~5 min mark and now He barely makes through them. He thinks very low FPS is to blame...

The game isn't torturing CPU significantly, but takes more GPU resources than before (with lowered settings)

Some hardware info (smooth before, very laggy on large, laggy on Medium/Small): Ryzen 1500x, 580X with 8Gb, 16Gb RAM, game installed on SSD, Win10 64bit.

The servitor bug is still there in all its glory, eating each and every item stashed.

EDIT: System animations, such as warp travelling and rotating the screen is much slower now, as is planet rotation.

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6 years 271 days ago

Very nice ! And we still have the October content patch to look forward to.

6 years 271 days ago

Kudos to the whole team for an early week patch (none of that heretical friday malarkey) 

Best get to purging, Good Hunting Fellow Inquisitors.

6 years 271 days ago

Can`t start after the update  "The updates will be applied automatically when your Steam client (in on-line mode) is restarted. It is also recommended to delete any launch parameters you previously had (you can re-add them if they help again, but it is safer to assume everything works best without them)"

The update is`t starting. Where can i delete those launch parametrs? 

6 years 271 days ago

Don't see this in the notes, but was it intended that the Fate rewards are lower now? At Inquisitor rank 44 I was getting 20+ fate per mission in the final subsystem and now I'm getting 2 or 3 per mission. In the full launch I understand slowing down leveling but for testing purposes I don't think it's beneficial to have to do 50+ regular missions to have enough fate for Tarot missions.

6 years 271 days ago

cannot start after patch

from steam client game not starting, while launching binary itself i see error

6 years 271 days ago

Nice, keep the updates coming!