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For bookworms and lore enthusiasts, the talented writers at NeocoreGames will release a few exclusive (and free!) eBooks set in the Caligari Sector.

The first story is now available!


The Caligari Sector – a vast, ancient and forgotten region in the Segmentum Tempestus, filled with shadows that hide hundreds of tainted worlds. A Sector plagued by the mysterious Warpsurges, smaller, but highly unpredictable manifestations of the dreaded Warp Storms. Far from the guiding light of the Astronomican and torn apart by the foul tempests that can twist reality and cut off entire systems for centuries, leaving them ripe for Chaos infestation, the Caligari Sector is a haven for the heretic, the outlaw and the corrupted.

The Inquisitors of the Caligari Conclave are the fearless agents of the Imperium who don’t hesitate to enter the dark corners of the Sector to investigate mysteries and purge the unclean. The Caligari Archivum is a constantly expanding collection of their deeds. A series of stand-alone short stories and longer novellas in episodic format, written by various authors, all set in the Caligari Sector, the official sandbox world of the upcoming Action-RPG videogame, Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr.


Above and Beyond (Episodes 1-4) by Áron Németh

“Above and Beyond” is a novella in four parts about an Inquisitorial investigation where an unexpected turn of events leads to a terrible discovery and proves that nightmares become real on the worlds which had lost the protection of the God-Emperor.

Download the eBooks at Black Library!

More to come later!

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7 years 124 days ago

They are quite good!

Read the first three parts in one evening.

Really enjoyable. And even BL sanctioned. Which is an impressive feat in itself if you know GW and their approach to their IP ^^

MOAR please ^^

7 years 128 days ago

Keep up the good work, im enjoying the above and beyond novella - looking forward to each new release