Inquisitor Martyr Campaing mission glitch (chapter 5)

  • HELLO Guys. I nearly finished half of the Mayrtyr Campaing chapter 5 in PS4, when the servers shutdown about 2 days ago. The problem is, i cannot continue the main campaing, because No campaing mission.... when i see the clues, it tells me" open the stasis chamber..." but i cant see any mission. I see the dlc mission and everything else, but i cant continue the campaing that way :( can u help me? PSN ID: KisHogan 
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Inquisitor Martyr Campaing mission glitch (chapter 5)
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1 year 355 days ago
This comment was deleted 1 year 353 days ago by Marcopolocs
2 years 203 days ago
Thx, its working! Have a good day!
2 years 204 days ago
Please check it now. Can you play the next campaign mission?