Inquisitor Marthyr FPS drops


I have reported several times the following issues:

Some maps are not really well optimized and the FPS can drop sometimes under 30 FPS while others run smoothly even when there's a lot of action. I have a ryzen 5600X along with an RX 7900XT and  32 gigs of RAM. 

For ultrawide screen (3440 x 1440) the pause menu it's over the enchantment window info which make it hard to read.

There are a lot of gramatical errors in items description for Spanish language. For instance, the following description is totally wrong.

The frame blending option works fine and gives a stable FPS, but has some issues showing broken textures and artifacts that is ruins the playing experience.

I bought the game since its release and looks like nobody is really interested in taking care of this.

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Inquisitor Marthyr FPS drops
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119 days ago
Hi! I want to thank you for the support and for listening my petition. The enchantment window now has been fixed. However I had something different in mind =D

I thought the enchantment window will be next to the pause menu (at the right of it) how was set it up for widescreen resolutions (16:9 /16:10), instead, the enchantment window now it's over puse menu. In fact, I'd rather have it in this way, because the pause menu is not something I really use while gaming. I just want to inform you about the fix, and if you consider should be fixed again, it's up to you guys.

For the frame rate issue, I have followed your recommendations, but I don't see any improvement. 

Thanks guys.

134 days ago
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134 days ago

Hi! Thanks for taking the time to give us feedback. I'll let the devs know about the ultrawide screen issue, and the subpar translation.

As for the framerate drops, one possible, and seemingly working (for some players at least) quick and dirty fix is to drop the the second attribute"s points below 25 (or simply lower than where you're at). Doesn't seem too logical, yet it has solved framerate drop issues for some. 

Another thing to try is to delete font files from C:\...\documents\Neocoregames\warhammer martyr\fonts\
Hope this helps, cheers!