Inquisitor Korax Dialogue


Just noticed that the audio for Inquisitor Korax repeats itself on the following line when speaking to him through the mission menu.
"Of course. Back in my day, when I served in the Militarum Tempestus, sometimes I felt doubt. Compared to the Daemon, you could almost relate to even the most depraved Drukhai marauder."
The rest of the dialogue is fine.

Since I'm posting thought I'd also leave a note that the Void Crusades have an unintuitive aspect regarding the way lives are handled. During a crusade, I found myself at a challenging position and had to make a strategic decision to abort a mission to preserve my one remaining life so that I could actually finish the crusade, I notched the difficulty too far for my build to handle at that level. After aborting the mission to preserve my one life, my life was forfeit because I aborted the mission and I subsequently failed the entire void crusade due to a misunderstanding of how the crusade handled lives lost. It may have been mentioned during the initial tutorial that aborting sacrifices a life, but considering aborting fails the mission and subsequently the entire branch, I think that's enough of a penalty. I keep in mind now to be conservative once I'm down to two lives, but just quitting a mission only to discover you would have been better playing through, it makes the entire abort mechanic less practical of an option to even see used.

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Inquisitor Korax Dialogue
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198 days ago
Ah, I see. Couldn't one also just make it so that aborting the supreme mission fails the crusade itself? I mean if I understand correctly I could still work this exploit, presuming I have extra lives to throw away.
199 days ago
Thanks for reporting this bug in the dialogue, we will check it out!

We decided that the abortion of a mission will result in a loss of one life hence everyone has to be extra cautious how to approach a mission, especially if the Void Crusade was launched in Hardcore Mode.
The reason behind this was an exploit: some players after opening the Void Chests at the end of a Supreme Mission sometimes decided to just simply quit the game because the loot was not to their taste and repeated the Supreme Mission as many times as they wanted to find better items.