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Hey devs, first I'd like to say that I really like much of what I've seen so far. I want very dearly for this to be the goto ARGP for me, as I love 40k, and thought the Helsing games were great, but while I see the potential, at the moment I can't get through a single mission without hoping for it to end before it actually does. I'm not going to bombard you with text, but I do want to address what I think is one of the games biggest mechanical problems currently.

I don't think the cover system works right now. You can reward us for using cover and penalize for not using it, but if it doesn't feel intuitive then I feel most players are going to make an effort to avoid using it altogether. I hesitate to suggest such a dramatic change, but have you considered wasd movement with manual aiming? It would make using cover infinitely more painless.

Another possible remedy (or at least an improvement) would maybe be some kind of "stride" to cover mechanic. What I mean is when I'm still a good distance away from cover I simply left click (or hit shift) on it, and my inquisitor "snaps" to it with a couple big, fast steps. This would allow me time to get a few shots at - and possibly fend off - the impending melee attackers entirely before turning on my ranged opponents.

Regardless, I strongly believe that the game needs a snap to cover mechanic. The action simply isn't fast enough to justify otherwise.

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Inquisitor Feedback
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7 years 125 days ago
Cover system snapping has been implemented in the latest patch, pressing the space-bar? As you said - moving toward the nearest cover - Although perhaps i'd like to move into cover a little quicker and improve the animations for some of the cover. 

Regarding the use of cover I guess it's tough, if you want cover to be mandatory then cover has to be EVERYWHERE, but instead they seem to be focusing on big room battles for it. Personally I think it's a question of difficulty, most people are playing easy content and therefore it's not important, but doing level 3 missions as a level 1 cover is very useful. It does however still die too fast :D

7 years 126 days ago
Yeah I'm not really sure how I feel about the cover mechanic. It's a cool idea but right now it feels kind of awkward to use, especially in terms of traditional ARPG controls. It very much feels like a 3rd person shooter mechanic but the controls don't really match. Assuming they implement controller support I think it'll make a little more sense to use...but that wont satisfy keyboard and mouse players so I'm not really sure what the fix is.

I agree it'd be nice to have a snap to cover mechanic or something like that. There also needs to be better indicators when you are in cover.