Just to say a big thank you to the dev's for delaying the game on Console 

Be it 2 - 4 or 6 months, however long it is, yeh great get it delayed, because the PC version has more bugs than a tramps dog the street, so good on ya dev's... make the PC Fanboy base suffer with the shite game and crappy weekly events...

Get it right for the console guys...

Take your time guys... I've gone back to Horizon Zero Dawn a game which towers over the shit Neorcore churn out 

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4 years 103 days ago
pc master race reporting in :

no worries - we will persist and prevail. i predict lots and lots of console player tears in the future.

4 years 103 days ago

From the latest news i have serious doubts that NC even work with console versions of the game. No information/videos, no time to answer to consumers, zero responsibility(its not us, its BIgBen(c.)). The game releases in 10 days, but oh wait, the new release date is coming, bun nobody knows when and for how long.