Inquisition Bug report (Xbox One)


When I access the "Tome of power" on my Psyker I am able to utilize the down function (Via D-pad or joystick) on the Biomancy, Divination and Telekinesis trees. This applies to editing my masteries as well, however when I go to the Pyromancy tree I am stuck and unable to utilize the "Down" functionality. This can be remedied by cycling fairly quick through the other trees back to Pyromancy but it does not always work. The issue carries over into trying to edit the masteries on any pyromancy skill as well. As you can imagine this makes selecting new skills and masteries very difficult. 

If any more information is needed or you are experiencing this issue on Xbox one as well please let them know here.

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Inquisition Bug report (Xbox One)
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5 years 30 days ago
Thanks for the feedback. We found the issues and the next patch will fix the problem at the Psychic Powers panel, and also the Cabal descriptions.
5 years 30 days ago
Heres a bug. Im on a xbox one x and ever so often it shuts down on its own. This is the onle game i have ever had do this.
5 years 30 days ago
The same scrolling bug happened in the cabal list, if the description is too long to fit the box, the right stick scroll on the description and then get stuck. Left stick and dpad get unresponsive too
5 years 31 days ago
Hi,I've been able to reproduce the issue;it depends on the masteries assigned to the power, i.e. the first mastery Enlarge Area description is too long to fit in the power box (seems two txt lines are the max), thus when sceolling down the power list if one have Enlarge Area, the virtual cursor scroll the description and got stucked there, you can no longer navigate the power list up or down.

I would also add a couple of issues encountered, first on an Xbox one X using Quality Mode the fps are not stable at all,expecially in open areas there is costant fps lag; with balanced mode the situation is better. Also some texture like rocks start flicking for no reason. 

The italian translation misses some terms like equipments tags as the reference tags appears instead i.e. Artifacts.Types.Format in place of Rare Plasma Pistol. 

Also changing the language to english reset to italian (System language) when the game is closed and opened again. 

Hope it helps. 

5 years 32 days ago
Hey Dagnome,

We were unable to reproduce the issue on our end. Could you please:

  • Share with us what type of Xbox One console are you playing on (Base, S, X)?
  • Check whether you can navigate these menus using the Left Stick
  • Send us a video about the bug if possible (you can send it to [email protected], or link it here)

Thank you for your feedback and help in resolving this issue.