Input lag, awaiting optimization i guess......


Having spent the last 12 hours systematically eliminating any user end issues that might cause in game  input lag and extensive in game testing various maps, missions  , weapon load outs  and in game settings here is what I found - I never have FPS drop. on any map, enemy density or with any different settings. On missions below 1300 rating I have no issues and can play freely without input lag.  On missions above 1300 rating i have such ridiculous input lag its like playing on 1 fps, character stutters everywhere, floor tiles fail to load or disappear after i pass over them making the game impossible to play. I previously highlighted i was having issues in this channel but I said it was probably my end and id try to fix it. Im out of options now, so i humbly bring it back to you Neocore. I'm not the only person experiencing this.

I can post my dxdiag if needed.

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Input lag, awaiting optimization i guess......
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