Inluence & glory usefulness



Could it be possible to give more usefulness to influence and glory?

Once player reach 800 influence on solar system, influence (and the related tarot card) become pointless. Ok the guy with most influence in a solar system gain reward, but they are already so ahead it is not worth it.

Glory, the same, once you have the weekly goal achieved there is nothing to do with it (to my knowledge).

There are many thing which could be implemented, i:e:

Spend influence/glory to unlock special missions as people heard from you and you can handle extremeley dangerous but also rewarding missions.

Or implement the fact we can own a fortress. Using influence/glory to improve it, and recruit solide that would bring us ressource from missions they do (passive incomes)

Or integrate a influence/glory mechanism in the void crusade 

Or any other idea that would give them a use.

For now everyone is playing with the same 4 tarot card, which is not normal.

I really would like too have a reason to farm glory and influence. What the point of these if the emperor does not notice me :(


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Inluence & glory usefulness
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15 days ago
Looking forward it! Level 82 so far and enjoy this game so much!
15 days ago

Well, we are right in the middle of reworking the Weekly Glory Leaderboard rewards so I guess we can have a look on the influence as well.:)

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