Initial Feedback on PC patch 2.3.4


Although probably I cannot join my fellow inquisitors in the glorius purge for this time, I have taken my time reading through the content of this whole patch note, word by word.

I have seen that many of our feedbacks are heard and responded:)

 Balance of Enraged/Berserk builds, power-up of Techpriest minions,no longer invulerable Psykers, Tarot system changes, and of course bigger storage box, that is great!


Still, I would like to mention some improvements that you may want to consider in the future:

1. Add a complete, detailed list of all the enhanced Archaeotech weapons in the compendium, to provide better guide to new players.

(After all only a handful of inquisitors have the patience and time searching past patch notes. Sometimes I can only tell new players "get the red, highlighted weapons they are good", and cannot be more specific)

2. Morality items also need some attention. As the unique reward of Void Crusde, most of them are beginning to lose their appeals with recent changes.

3. Glad that Techpriests are getting some help, but I'm still worried that the performance of this character is not comparable to other characters in extreme hard levels (like 11+ or 15+ level), because the minions would get easily decimated (cannot rely on killing to recover HP as they do in easy levels) and Techpriests doesn't have powerful weapons like grav guns or heavy flamers to put up a proper fight.

A fundamental power-up of Techpriests might involve new weapons, new enchantments and new skills tags for minions, and perhaps rework of the whole system, but I understand that might require too much work and is not possible.

4. Various texts in other languages remained what they are in the older versions.

 Some never get updated across versions and are getting pretty misleading. I can work out an incomplete (but large enough) list for Chinese version if you need but I'm afraid a thorough check on the developer side is needed. 


Also bugs to fix

1. Some players complained that "enchants on the armours that increase turret HP" doesn't actually take effect. Please check.

2. Some players reported that under Chinese versions, Dark Eldar Intel missions always crashdown during loading. Please check.

3. Previously I found that the unholy cathedral map becomes extremely laggy for Techpriest. This problem could be resolved by shutting down camera shaking. 


Thank you and please keep up the good work!

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Initial Feedback on PC patch 2.3.4
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1 year 239 days ago

Transmogrification will not be implemented into the game, this is almost certain.

I see your point now and have to agree that some Morality items are now behind most of their Archeotech counterparts with regard to their strength. We will think about further balance changes.
Thanks for your feedback!

1 year 240 days ago
Oh, and one more suggestion:

Please consider give players more freedom in choosing item appreance, not restricting to item tier.

For example, some people might find the appreance for Mastercrafted/Artificier tier power armors to be more attrative than the default relic armor appearance, and they would wish to be dressed like that.

1 year 240 days ago

Thank you !

About the Morality items in current version:

1. If I'm not mistaken, Morality weapons do not enjoy the various enhancements as Archaeotech weapons. 

For many players, the stronger damage, faster cooldown,  and unique tags (strong-versus-armor, armor piercing) of Enhanced Archaeotech weapons make them a more attractive choice, even considering the unique enchanments of Morality items.

It would be good to employ the same enhance mechanism to Morality items as well.


2. Many Morality enchantments are not strong enough on their own, or have too strict trigger. 

Some examples for too strict trigger:

⑴ Holy weapon: 100% Damage Bonus against Daemon, Drukhari, Tyranid or Eldar enemies when only engaged by one enemy.

Compared with the "each debuff on the enemy increase damage by 25%" of Archaeotech weapons,clearly this item is not attractive. Because that enchantment works much easier and provides similar damage increase, if not better.

Some examples for weak enchantments:

⑴ Holy armor: Immunity of DoT effects

(DoT is not a major threat during gameplay. Maybe of more use during PvP but few are playing it)

⑵ Daemon weapon:  Disables enemy HP Regeneration on Hit

(I haven't found a situation that stopping enemy HP regen is a better choice than directly increasing my damage.)

⑶ Daemon weapon: Chance to cause an Slow effect in a small area based on enemy type on Kill

(A Slow effect is quite easy to apply and not worthy to use a precious relic enchantment on a weapon to do it)

⑷ Holy Crusader armor: 5.0% Damage Reduction (can exceed cap)

(5% supreme damage reduction is good but not impressive. Red purity seals can provide 10%, for example. )


3.  I‘ve noticed  that Patch 2.3.4 have strengthened DoT mechanisms.

Especially, some slow-hitting weapons could apply mutiple stacks of DoT on one hit.

Please verify that the DoTs applied by Morality items could enjoy similar mechanisms.

For example,  

holy: Converts all Damage to Heat type and gives 20.0% to 50.0% chance to Burn on Hit

daemon: 10.0% to 30.0% chance to Poison on Hit

these enchantments have good potential to apply multiple DoTs at same time.

But I'm worried that "Morality DoTs" applied by slow weapons can only stack one at a time.


I am aware that some morality items are just designed for fun (that the Nurgling-summoning weapons), and I enjoyed using them :)

And, there're indeed attractive morality items, like:

Holy armor: invulnerability on kill for 2s. If damage output is guaranteed, this item provides better survival experence than the popular "rosarium on taken hit" red armor.

Holy weapon:  +10% Damage Bonus for each enemy closer than 10 meters (maximum 300%)

Daemon Armor: Teleports away from a potentially lethal blow in a random direction (10 seconds cooldown)

They're good and impressive. 

 But on the big picture we could have more strong Morality items (Or simply remove several items that are neither strong nor fun to play) .

1 year 240 days ago
Thanks for the bug reports, all of them will be checked by our team.

Considering your suggestions:
1. I brought this up to our team, we will take it into account.
2. Please elaborate it a little more, how come Morality items became less attractive?
3. This will be discussed with our design team as well but it is unlikely that new weapons will be implemented in the short-term. 
4. Localization is not yet final for this patch, we are working on them!