Influence Rank 5 Bug Fix **LOOK HERE**


So I have found a workaround for the influence rank 5 bug.  Everyone should follow and do this so no one will have any issues with this bug.  It fixes it for everyone even those who already have the bug.

  • Download the file from here. Virus scan is here.
  • Go to Steam and right click on your Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr game.
  • Click properties.
  • Click on Local files tab.
  • Click Browse local files.
  • Open Cfg folder.
  • Open OpenWorld folder.
  • Delete CaligariSector.cfg
  • Add new CaligariSector.cfg

What this does is it replaces the reward from the item that is posted in-game instead to reward fate.  It gets rid of the open item error message and allows you to continue playing.  This is only a temporary fix until dev's fix the item.  But it works for everyone.  Enjoy! :)

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Influence Rank 5 Bug Fix **LOOK HERE**
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7 years 92 days ago
Pinned this for now until we have the fix. Thanks man!
7 years 92 days ago
Brother i thank thee, a huge Kudos to you.

No rewards from some missions still and all at tier 1 but alas i can continue the PURGE!

7 years 92 days ago
No problem and yeah the rewards and XP are server side so something on their end is causing an issue but they are working on something to resolve the issues.
7 years 91 days ago

Much obliged.

7 years 90 days ago

Influence bug is fixed on our end. It needs a new game client (Thursday) however. Until then, we have removed the item reward so the game won't crash in an infinite loop for affected players.