Influence Bug


You get 10 Influence and 5 glory after every sucessful mission, but you get 10 Influence too after every failed or abandoned mission.

so you can get easy 800 influence to get System Rank 5. 

but when you got a system with item rewad in the end, your game is completly unplayable cause you start  a mission until you accept the item reward. 

And when you click on the Reward you got a Game crash, but the Reward isnt claimed so you never can start a mission again 

New charakter doesnt help he get the same Reward button

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Influence Bug
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7 years 116 days ago

Oh, so that's how you got that much influence so fast? I farmed a lot yesterday and I'm sitting on 530 influence and each new mission takes so long because of the sheer map size. I mean it's theoretically possible to get ~800 influence in a reasonable amount of time but one would need to farm 24/7 for that for a few days.

7 years 115 days ago
Thanks, we are aware of the issue and we'll fix it asap!
7 years 112 days ago

Influence bug is fixed on our end. It needs a new game client (Thursday) however. Until then, we have removed the item reward so the game won't crash in an infinite loop for affected players.