Infinte enemies


I just had an assasination type mission, in which I encoutered infinitetly spawning enemies without the presence of a Warp Gate. This made actually figthing the heretics completetly pointless and eventually I decided to run for the last remaining target (the first two were close by), but I ran into a mob too thick run trough and died in a hail of gunfire.

This is the first, and so far only, time I have encountered this bug. Unfortunatetly, I have no idea what triggered this or how to reproduce it. The mission was a Chaos assasination on the planet in the Chernobog system on the outdoor map.

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Infinte enemies
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7 years 76 days ago
Indeed, we are on this and will fix it ASAP.
7 years 77 days ago
This probably will be fixed with the next patch. Thank you for the report!
7 years 76 days ago

Getting that bug as well.. Might as well surrender when that happens.