Inaculator bug


Having 2 Psychon (200% damage for 5 seconds) aumgentations prevent you from getting inaculator refills. I had 2 psychon augmentation and whenever i used the inaculator it would not refil when i picked up refils from the red supply boxes in missions. Having 1 does refil your inaculator after use, i dont know if this was inteded this way or not, but i can see anything in the discription that it was. Im assuming its a bug.

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Inaculator bug
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286 days ago
i was thinking about this also but i had 3 charges in total, i used ONE, then i picked up 3 refills and my remaining number of uses were still 2, either 1 refil gives you almost no uses or it is bugged.  I think its the second one, because it works just fine with 2 of the augments that give you 20% hp for 20 seconds, its just as expensive to use, yet you get 1 use per medical supply box.
290 days ago
Hi folks. One common source of confusion with Inoculators is the difference between "Uses" and "Charges". Each time you activate the inoculator, it expends some amount of charges. The amount depends on the inoculator components you have selected. The psychon component adds +3 to the charge cost of a single inoculator use. Having two adds +6. The total cost can be seen when configuring the inoculator, just under the syringe icon.

Medical supply boxes drop two 4-charge items, for a total of 8 charges. If you are using a configuration that has a high cost (for instance, 3 psychons, which costs 9 charges), then a medical supply box will give you the 8 charges, but that can still be insufficient to provide you with another use (meaning a red dot will not fill up on the game UI). This also depends on your total capacity, since "uses" are rounded down in the game UI while playing, but you still have the same total capacity behind the scenes.

I don't know that this is the situation you are in. I re-configured my own inoculator to 2-psychon/2-purifier (a total of 6 charges per use), and verified that medical supply box does indeed recharge my inoculator, so the psychon component is not bugged, at least not in all cases.

Can one or both of you verify that the problem you're seeing is not related to the fixed number of charges that a medical supply box provides?

291 days ago
thank you, it would help a lot, otherwise it limits you to like 3 inaculator uses per mission, since those augments cost a lot and you end up having only couple uses. It worked fine prior to the new season by the way.
291 days ago
Posted by Marcopolocs 292 days ago
We will check this out, thanks for submitting the report!

It happens with three psychon as well. It happens every mission, so it is pretty repeatable. Simply ask if you would need more information.

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292 days ago
We will check this out, thanks for submitting the report!