In depth analysis of mission UI and / improvements


"Caution" - Not a lot of in game footage, not really a vid for entertainment - more feedback.  

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In depth analysis of mission UI and / improvements
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7 years 105 days ago

1)  Map Indicators for Target locations could use a bold icon or color.  Pulsing white T is hard to see.  (suspect that is placeholder) 

2)  System Map could use an Influence meter up where the Alpha Build icon is.  In the Sub Sector View when you select a System it gives you the summary complete with an Influence meter.  The missions have the Influence meter on them but it would be nice to see it on the system view.  (btw the Sector/Sub-Sector/System Maps look Fantastic, Bravo.)

3) I would assume the Character window would have my guy and be animated.  If not, that would be cool. Skill window I think should remain the Class Art. 

7 years 116 days ago

Pretty much agree on all points. Two big things that immediately jumped out at me when I first started playing(and just reiterating what you said in the video) is that I right away did not like that the health/abilities bar is all the way to the left. It needs to be more centered for a quicker glance at health and cool downs. Also the armor ability, although I like the layout of it, needs to be a left to right arching meter instead of filling from bottom to top. As you said it makes it really hard to see how close to the end of the cooldown you are the way it is set now.

7 years 116 days ago

Personally speaking, if there was an option to reorganise the UI as is common with MMOs I would have no objection. However, I like the UI and where it is at the moment; much prefer the more 'gritty, hands on' approach to the 'sterile scientific' option.