Impossible to connect



I buy the game 2hours ago and impossible to play...

Something wrong with the neocore sever...

Please fix it quickly

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Impossible to connect
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6 years 50 days ago

Yes, the new, extended deadline of the skull collecting event is Tuesday, 5PM CET (8AM Pacific Time).

6 years 52 days ago

I saw there was an update for the game and figured it was the fix, but the menu said the game wouldn't be up until around 11AM CET. So, my question is, will the Skull event be extended?

6 years 52 days ago

We are working along with Gamesparks and Steam to avert the problem as fast as we can, all hands on deck.

6 years 52 days ago
Maybe it's because we bought the game in too many and the server crushed?

If it's for this, well, I think it's some kinfd of a positive malus for us which must wait :)

I'm could be only happy to see that so much pople bought the game, and it's not the 100% version :)

6 years 52 days ago

Apparently they used the wrong incense to placate the machine spirit:

6 years 52 days ago
I can't for the life of me figure out why maintenance is on a Friday evening? Don't they expect people to have time to play now?
6 years 52 days ago
Ok thx. An idea for the up time?

6 years 52 days ago
Server is down for maintenance after latest patch.