Impossible to complete mission(s)


Ok, so I've been acting as artillery in my play throughs. Engage Mobs, set back and Fire non-stop until all chaos forces are properly dead. Heavy Flamer is probably too good... and Plasma Cannon is beautiful (Launch a volley of Plasma Balls? Sure!) I have little problem with the Nurgling Dreadnaughts, Mostly stand there while I just lay out such DPS that they fall right over.

So I think It's safe to say that when I can't destroy a stationary non-combat Target that there is a mechanics Issue that needs adjusted. I can kill everything that comes out in seconds, but not the gate. Hell I can do so much burst Damage that I have killed mobs still in the Regen field. Gate? Nope. Don't even get it below 98% before it regens to full.

love what's been going on so far, looking forward to seeing how this will all turn out.

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Impossible to complete mission(s)
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7 years 163 days ago
I have the same problem with the unkillable Warp Gates in Nurgle regen areas
7 years 163 days ago
Had the same issue as ranged figther. As melee with a shield you can shieldbash the gates out of the regen soup.

But as ranged you lack a knock back and i couldnt find a level mechanic for this problem either.