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I bought the Imperium Edition from the Playstation store which includes the season pass,  but the description of what the season pass includes is completely vague. Are Charybdis Outpost & Poisoned Souls not included,  because the store is charging me for them? Mind Plague was available at no charge as part of the season pass.  A season is supposed to be a good deal for the customer because we're paying up front, but I could have purchased these three episodes individually for less than the cost of the pass alone. Also the astropath has a mission called Faith Undone that it says I need the DLC to access,  but I don't find that one in the Playstation store at all.  

I've backed this game through all the delays & bugs, because I understand that it's tough for a smaller developer,  but if I've been screwed intentionally on a deceitful season pass scam I'm done with it. 

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Imperium Edition & season pass content
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191 days ago
I went back in to the store & now it was free. Must have been an error on Sony's side of things. Thank you.  Sorry for jumping to (wrong) conclusions. 
193 days ago
Just as @TORAXOUTLAW‍ said, the Charybdis Outpost and Servo-skull DLCs are the only exceptions which are not included in the Season pass. All other DLCs will be available for the Season-pass owners! 

Please note that we release DLCs one at a time and the Faith Undone is not yet available ingame, although it is visible at the Astropath!

193 days ago
I have the Imperium Edition and Season Pass on Xbox One. I haven't been charged for any of the DLC that's been released, the only ones I've paid for is the pre-order bonuses, such as Charybdis Outpost and the Skull Pet, once they became available to everyone. 

Poisoned Souls, Mind Plague and the Heresy Emote should all be included in the season pass. Faith Undone is the DLC to be released at a later date. 

But all I'd say to you is delete all the DLC first from your console followed by the game, then perform a hard reset of your PS4. When you turn your PS4 back on, install all of the DLC first including the season pass then reinstall the game. Try downloading all the other DLC once that's done and you should be able get the other one DLC for free since you have the season pass.

Good Luck.