Ideas for some maps


As the title says and most of it goes without saying. The road map says there will be more Map Variants and i was hoping to spark some ideas for those map ideas.

So far all we have are the Hive World and the Interior Imperial complex.

For interior maps such things as a different type of setting, more dark and grim, chaos tainted areas (i know there is Chaos Iconography but in such a well lit and very imperial looking place, it seems VERY out of place and un noticeable at times). Dependent on the types of mobs you are facing, like Nurgle Demon infestations to have a more Nurgle feel to the area, Corrosion and bacterial infected structures and such, Chaos cultists mainly more Chaos Iconography (lots more) place literally cluttered with it. Maybe also a Ship interior as well.

For outside maps, if you land on a Hive World map, you should at least maybe have a few Tyranid mobs you can run across (not saying full presence, but a couple of pockets as you progress and maybe further down the track Neophytes).

Noticed in some of the Star Map areas you go to there are Hot planets and Cold ones etc. Have us land on those different types for some "mix up" to the regular stuff. Also maybe on an industrial or imperial world have us in the streets outside or something.

Maybe add in some Outside to Interior maps or Interior to Outside.

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Ideas for some maps
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7 years 103 days ago

Arctic Outdoor.  

Frozen/Cold Indoor.

Space Hulk.

Hiveworld "Lower Levels"

Hiveworld "Mid Levels"

Hiveworld "Upper Spires"

Agri-world Facilities.

Archeotech base tile set.  

Dark Eldar Ship/Base

Web Way >8)

Corrupted (any) Tilesets

7 years 111 days ago

All of these are fair points. In addition an extra "Tarot" Minor Arcana card could allow the player to select various tile sets from the outdoor and indoor ones to add to the variety of choice with the premium missions.

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7 years 115 days ago

For feudal worlds they can take over existing maps from Van Hellsing, as well as the city maps of Borgovia.

As an inspiration, the Dawn of War series can be used with its map variety.

The points mentioned are to be appreciated as they will provide for the particular flare in the maps, as well as for a better atmosphere.

There will certainly be no direct influence of tyranids, but the subjugation of the population by genesteal cults can be used as a very good template for questlines.

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7 years 115 days ago

Just wanted to say be careful about assuming a Hive World has anything to do with Tyranids. Technically it is "a category of Imperial planet distinguished by vast, continent-spanning cities, often built high into the sky and deep beneath the earth".